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FAQs About Our Essential Oils



Are these oils 100% natural?

Yes our essential oils products are 100% natural.

How long do the oils last?

We recommend working them into your daily routine with your pet in order to remain consistent for best results, generally our oils last 24 hours. Our formulas are diluted already so simply use daily as directed on bottle for best results. 

Can I diffuse the oils?

The oils are not designed for use in diffusers. The carrier oil that we use to make the oils safe for internal and external use are not suitable for use in a heated oil diffuser.

Is the dosage of this determined by the size of my pet?

We formulated our products to provide a balanced and safe delivery of benefits over a wide size range of pets so there is no dosage based on the size of your pet.

Do you have oils for cats too?

Yes! We have one oil currently formulated for cats, our Purr oil contains a blend of catmint + lavender and aids cats with anxiety and stress related behaviors.

Can i use human formulated essential oils on my pets?

We recommend not using oils on your pets that have been formulated for human use, or more specifically not formulated for animal use. The reason being is that with dogs and cats sensitive senses of smell, oils not diluted properly can seem overwhelming to them. Our formulas consist of oils that are proven to aid in common pet ailments & also have been diluted to proper levels for maximum benefit to your pet.


How long does the calming effect last for Serene Pet & Purr?

The calming effect lasts for 24hrs whether applied on the pets fur or consumed internally.

How do i give it to my dog to ingest?

We suggest adding 1-3 drops of specific oil to your pets food or water daily.


Where are your oils made?

Our oils are sourced from farms that are located regionally around the world where the oils are proven to be most efficacious and sourced sustainably. Our blends are made and bottled in USA.


Does this product contain alcohol?

No our oils do not contain alcohol.

Are essential oils safe for my dogs & cats?

Yes. We’ve done extensive clinical research to design formulas that are safe and effective for your pets. Since animals have an enhanced sense of smell, we’ve carefully chosen formulas and dilutions that will aid your pets wellbeing.

How do i apply it topically?

Drop 4-5 drops on your hand and rub on nape of pets neck.


How do i give it to my dog to ingest?

You can find our oils online & in stores near you, find Calm Paws products near you here.

How do i use your oils?

We recommend use either topically or internally through water or food. Each oil has directions on the bottle for which application is most appropriate for each specific oil.